Episode 14 Posted!

The lastest podcast has been posted. Grab it here. This episode contains music from the Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream collection, as well as some music from 8bitVGM, a live band from Brazil. Enjoy! (Oh yea, don't forget about the show notes)

Episode 13 is Posted!

The latest podcast has been put up for your listening pleasure (grab it here.) There are some website notes that are worth listening too, as well as some music announcements for the next episode. Don't forget about the show notes as well.

Episode 12 Posted!

Once again, the newest episode is up. We're all the way up to 12! Grab the mp3 here. Check out the show notes as well.

Episode 11 Posted!

I've posted episode 11. Grab the mp3 here and the show notes here. This episode contains a few tidbits about the recent Gencon gaming convention in Indianapolis for all those who couldn't make it.

Episode 10 Posted!

Another podcast recorded and posted. Whew, we're up to 10 already, but we're going strong. There's plenty of good music yet to come! Grab the podcast and the show notes. Take a listen and enjoy!

Ninth Podcast Posted!

In usual fashion, I forgot to mention that the 9th podcast has been posted, show notes and all. Grab it on itunes, or head on over to the downloads section and have a listen.

Show Notes Posted!

Show notes for both episode 8 and 9 are up! Head on over to the Show Notes section to take a look. Note: Episode 9 is not actually recorded, so it is not posted needless to say. It will be up in a few days though, so stay tuned.

Eighth Podcast posted

Whew, I completely forget to put this on the front page, but the 8th Podcast has been recorded... and posted... for about 2 weeks. In matter of fact, I'll be recording the 9th podcast in a couple days. Well head on over to the downloads section and have yourself a listen!

Seventh Podcast Posted!

What did I tell you, I stuck to my every 2 week schedule. Both the podcast and show notes are posted. Take a listen and enjoy!

Podcast Schedule

When I started doing this podcast, I wasn't really sure how often I would be putting new episodes out. So far, its been quite random, which is a killer, I know, especially for those people who regularly listen to the show. I've decided (and made a pact with myself) that I will release a podcast every two weeks, which means that a new episode will be posted this weekend. If the popularity of this show takes off, I will definitely move to once a week podcasts. I love doing them, but it takes a bit of work; I just need to know that my work goes at least mildly appreciated :-)

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